Walking a mystical path with Practical Feet

When arriving at an intersection, it is often best to be still and reflect on why you’re there. Finding myself squarely at the intersection of business, transformation and healing, I know why I’m here.

As women, the opportunity to have our voices heard and our actions supported has never been more possible and important. How are you going to seize this moment?

The old ways no longer work, and our inner wisdom and soul whispers are asking us – imploring us – to awaken and fully express ourselves.

Practical Feet Advising exists to strengthen and empower connections with other women.

I teach people how to listen and to fully trust their own wisdom. My goal is to guide you towards what is true for you and what path to take. 

It takes fierce courage and boldness to answer the call and commit to do this work.

I stand firmly in the belief that the most important thing we can do as human beings at this time is to strengthen our connections.

Connection to ourselves brings a feeling of belonging and knowing our purpose.

Connection to Our(higher)selves

As we draw upon our own spiritual connections, we feel a sense of belonging and strengthen our sense of knowing and purpose.

Connection to others helps us realize our potential by lifting each other up.

Connection to Others

We are wired to love and to be loved. We need each other to do this work called life — we can’t do it alone.

Connection to nature helps us have a more clear perspective.

Connection to Nature

When we spend time in nature it opens us up and helps to find our place in the bigger, natural world.


“Experience has guided me to realize that as you strengthen and trust the connections to yourself, to nature and to one another, the Universe will respond in ways you never imagined. I believe there has never been a more critical time for us to do this life-changing work.”

Connect with me, and I’ll help you discover the very best of you.


Will you answer?

Join me on this path to discovering – and empowering – the very best you. All it takes is one step at a time, and I will be here to guide you.